Intricately designed surfaces and furnishings

Palazzo Morelli strives to be a unique partner to execute highly complex projects with state-of-the-art products Made in Italy and bespoke project management services. A plenty of materials, techniques, skills and international experience to interpret the unique qualities of each project. Palazzo Morelli combines the know-how of an extensive range of materials and finishes with outstanding skills of project design and close attention to functional and aesthetic details, all of which make each project unique.

Bespoke Interiors & Surfaces made in Italy

Palazzo Morelli is an exciting Italian firm in the family of Umbrian companies, known for their mastery of material; highly evolved technologies of production; craftsmanship, rooted in the age-old artisanal traditions of our land; excellence in designing and executing every element of residential, hotel & commercial interiors; and, their sophisticated taste.

Palazzo Morelli in its entire line of products and services, combines these traditions and this mastery with the most innovative use of materials, offering a broad variety of products in marble, wood, terra-cotta, glazed ceramic tile & artistic mosaic.

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