Explore the wonderful world of natural stones

Natural to infinity

The world of natural stones offers a wide range of colours, exclusive options and without a trusted guide it could be hard to find your own way.

Palazzo Morelli provides end customers, architects, interior designers and consultants with its expertise to help them making professionally guided choices.

Please browse this selected library to get beautiful inspiration from:

  • Italian Travertine and other natural stones
  • Stones from the rest of the world

The large colour chart includes light stones, dark stones, grey stones, brown stones, beige stones, grey stones and yellow stones.

Palazzo Morelli directly follows the whole supply process step by step:

  • Slab selection from the quarry
  • Custom-made manufacturing and crafting
  • Installation at the construction site

The entire production cycle takes place in Italy with a team of skilled and experienced professionals.

Stone produced in Italy. Please note that the appearance of the slabs can vary in terms of color and shape of the grain because of the natural origin of stone.
Palazzo Morelli does the best to keep the uniformity of the supplied surfaces and coverings.