Tailor-made contract design Made in Italy

Palazzo Morelli is an Italian finishing contractor dedicated to surfaces, furniture and interior design.
Founded by Alessandro Ortenzi in 2006 in the Italian medieval town of Todi, Palazzo Morelli expresses Italian finest quality, attention to details and innovative professional services for architects, interior designers and real estate developers.

Palazzo Morelli is a modern and international firm that offers turn-key solutions and a complete catalogue of surfaces made in Italy. The staff is driven by a tailor-made approach to customers: bespoke solutions, custom-made surfaces and finishings.

With dedication, Palazzo Morelli pursuits the creation all over the world of touching and fabulous places to live, to work, to stay.


Palazzo Morelli begins each project only after thoroughly understanding the client’s wishes and needs, and makes a proposal based on a substantial research effort.

This allows Palazzo Morelli to broaden its choices in customizing its existing lines of products or to create custom-made solutions.
These may include onyx, bronze, stainless steel or selections of the highest quality leather, combining these materials in most unique and elegant ways.

Palazzo Morelli offers a wide variety of ecofriendly finishes and tints and source materials are fully certified to be in compliance with EU and other international standards.

Show room

Opificio Tiberina is the name of the international show room Palazzo Morelli located in Todi.
The building itself is an interesting example of Umbrian industrial archaeology completely restored and renovated to become the operational office Palazzo Morelli.

In this location the creative and technical department designs products, selects materials, perfects production engineering of surfaces and creates amazing interior designs.

The Exhibition Centre is articulated in three main galleries:

  • Marble, gemstone and mosaic experience room
  • Wood experience room
  • Heritage collection experience room

Architects, interior designers, Real Estate investors and contractors have the possibility to visit in private Opificio Tiberina – International Exhibition Centre.
A true Palazzo Morelli experience highly recommended.

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International clients

Palazzo Morelli offers design services, which allow clients to make professionally – guided, informed decisions, regarding a wide array of design options and products.

This early and sustained collaboration with clients and their architects and close cooperation with design staff of builders and real estate developers of luxury properties – allows Palazzo Morelli to deliver fully integrated residential and commercial interiors of highest quality, on-budget and on-time.

Palazzo Morelli has already developed projects in Europe (Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Latvia, Russia), Asia (China, India) and Middle East (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi).

Palazzo Morelli in history

The name of the company comes from the aristocratic family Morelli that at the end of the XVII century acquired a patrician palace in the centre of Todi (Umbria), hereafter known as Palazzo Morelli.

The Morelli family was a prominent and wealthy one, whose members officiated even in Rome at the Vatican. After being acquired at the end of the XIX by other local owners, the historical building Palazzo Morelli was at last purchased and brought back by the family of Alessandro Ortenzi.

The palace has a valuable piano nobile articulated in three halls decorated with fine frescos depicting Mnemosyne and the other Charites in neoclassical style painted by Angelini and Baldini in 1838.

The emblem of the Family Morelli became the distinguishing logotype of the company founded in 2005 by Alessandro Ortenzi.

Todi most livable city

Palazzo Morelli was founded in Todi a hill town in central Italy (region of Umbria) that overlooks  the Tiber river and its fertile valley.

Todi is a medieval town sorrounded by triple walls and has one of central Italy’s most beautiful piazzas. There is also a great deal of art to discover in Todi which is a precious source of inspiration for Palazzo Morelli’s creations and in everyday work.

The melancholic and elegant mood of the hill and its beautiful enviros attract many Italian and international businesspeople, artists, writers, filmakers that year after year choose Todi as their favorite leisure home.

In the 1990s, an American professor of architecture defined Todi as the model of sustainability, thanks to its quality of life and people-oriented scale.
After that, Todi is known as the world’s most livable city.

Todi and Palazzo Morelli are definitely in the top ten of things to experience in Umbria.